All complaints including sexual / ragging harassment are normally dealt by the Director of DEARi and if the Complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Director, he / she may appeal to the Complaints cum Redressal Committee (CRC) for its final decision. Any complaints against the Director & heads of DEARi shall directly be addressed to CRC.

The Director may take immediate disciplinary action of suspension of a Student, Faculty or Staff Members for a maximum period of 15 days and the CRC shall take final decision on such complaint / issue thereafter. Any dismissal with or without fine shall be decided by CRC only. It shall normally meet as and when required.

The CRC consists of following Members / Experts:


Mrs. Kala Shanmugam

Industrialist / social / Environmental Activist

– Chairperson.

Mrs. Seeta Ramaraju

Chairman of DEARi.

– Member.

Mr. K. Elango

Head – Administration, DEARi.

– Member.