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To create an ‘Atmosphere of Global Excellence’ for manifestation of knowledge & skill in all spheres of ‘Designed Environment’ and facilitate inventions & reinventions to elevate the ‘Designed Environment’ to the next plane, the best one.


To realize and sustain the Vision, the DEARi shall have multi-pronged Mission including creation of Centres of Excellence in various aspects of ‘Designed Environment’.

The first and foremost in such creation shall be Centre of Excellence in Architectural Studies facilitating learning atmosphere right from basic to advanced studies in Architecture and further develop as a place of meaningful research. This shall be followed by creation of

  • Centre of Excellence in Urban Studies & Design
  • Centre of Excellence in Environmental Studies & Design
  • Centre of Excellence in Planning
  • Centre of Excellence in Construction Management & Skill Development
  • Centre of Excellence in Product Design & Development.

And other relevant aspects in swift sequence.

Every Mission is expected to be accomplished, but the Mission of DEARi shall go beyond to lay its emphasis on sustaining.


To develop the Institution into an University of Excellence.


Exclusive Institution imparting Architecture / Built Environment along with related disciplines’ academic programmes and also promoting Research & Documentation activities by creating meaningful and conducive avenues for Scholars to pursue their projects. Exclusive Training and skill-development Programmes for technicians / laborers in the building industry.

DEARi is a Residential Institution functioning at Pandiyapuram, Mannachanallur Taluk, Trichy District.